About our July 1 Grande-Reopening

We are reopening our outdoor drink service on Thursday July 1!

Although this is a thrilling announcement, it is important to let everyone know that this will not be “Canada Day as usual."

The day will be a dedication to the children who died – as well as those that survived – the residential school system, and will have 2 focus points.

1. The day is envisioned as a day of education - with both a chance to discuss and understand our colonial past - including the genocide of our indigenous peoples.

2. The day is also envisioned as a way for our community to come together, to renew our commitment to reconciliation, and to creating a truly post-colonial society.

All donations will go to the Residential School Survivors fund and performers have graciously donated their efforts.

We will be opening at 4 p.m. with live music on the outdoor stage, as well as a barbecue. This outdoor event will have COVID precautions in place for everyone’s safety.