A Member's Challenge: Membership Invitations

Member Bob O'Neill has initiated a plan to help increase our membership base, which is currently one of our main efforts. He's calling it "My Challenge to Legion Members".

He writes, "Attached is the letter I intend to hand out to a few of my friends along with a copy of the Upcoming Events schedule.

I believe there are lots of people who don't know about the Legion and its events and who would probably become involved if invited. And I think it works best if our members could invite these people personally.

I would be grateful if you could put a pdf of my letter on the website along with a pdf of the October schedule, and urge other Legion members to print off a few copies and do the same thing.


More active members are vitally important to the Legion: as customers, volunteers, and especially since our Legion charter, liquor license and bylaws require membership in order to keep our doors open. Visit our membership page for full details and benefits.

Bob presented his idea at the general meeting on October 16th, where it was enthusiastically supported.

Members who are interested in seeing Roberts Creek Legion survive, will you take the time to spread the word and encourage your friends and neighbours to join? Bob's draft letter (see pdf at top right of this article) can be downloaded for print, along with the accompanying list of upcoming events, to hand out and spread the word. The challenge is on!