Tuesday Jam at the Little Legion - November 4th

The Tuesday night Jam at Roberts Creek Legion - A great night of music and conversation. Wow! There were some truly awesome sets last night - Jamie's giant jam set of some rockers was just excellent - pretty much everyone got in on that one - Nice version of Gloria everyone! Victor started us off with some tasteful original jazzy numbers and things just maintained a stellar note from there.
Neighbour Dave Harvey played an excellent solo set - you had us all captivated Dave - especially with your version of Simon and Garfunkle's 'America'.
Brad Tavares kicked serious finger picking' classical guitar ass! Wow!
Newcomer to the coast - Adam blew us away with his original grunge/rock vocals and guitar. Jamie and Djembe Mama joined Adam and filled out the rocking sounds of Adam's originals. Well done all! Very cool bass sounds on that guitar Jamie!
Cam Peters hit the stage with a combination of covers and originals. Keeping the night moving along and maintaining a very high bar! Nice job Cam. Great to hear you bringing vocals in to your tunes!
The Dylan's and Jamie performed a set that totally rocked! Beginning with Cream - sunshine of your love...well...you know...it just went crazy after that!
Dave UK joined in on the Djembe - very nice to see you again Dave!
John Sharkey performed a few blues tunes, leading us all in a mega jam of G-L-O-R-I-A! Nice job Jamie and the Dylan's and everyone else who joined in: Ray, Debra, Dave UK, Anne, Dave Philley, and Michael Munro on Drums. Rock-in!
Dave Philley performed a few folky numbers for us - believe me, after that last rockin' set Bob Seger, Turn the Page is folky! Nice Job Dave Philley - joined by Michael Munro, Jamie, Dylan Brackett, Anne and yours truly (Michelle) on backups. Fun set Dave.
Cody got up and wrapped up our night with some originals of his own. Joined by Michael Munro on drums/percussion and Don on guitar (didn't get a pic of you Don - next time!).
Thanks to everyone who came out to watch and listen and enjoy Dylan's great food!
And special thanks to Richard Lachance for the help with sound and for providing your DJ services for our jam - I always enjoy your song choices and your very positive energy!
See you next week!